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Abnox Muralt AXII patron m. stång

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Hand Lever Gun according to DIN 1283 suitable for Grease Cartridge 400 g DIN 1284, or 500 g bulk fill of Grease.

Abnox Muralt AXII patron m. stång

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ConstructionType: 400/500 cm3 / Rod

Version: 1/8"BSP

Weight [kg]:1.674

ConnectionInternal Thread P: 1/8" BSP

ConnectionInternal Thread E: M8 x 1

ConnectionInternal Thread F: M10 x 1

CapacityCylinder [cm³]: 400/500

Cylinder Dia.[mm]: 58

CylinderLength [mm]: 300

OperatingPressure [bar]: 400

Max. Pressure[bar]: 600

Output/Stroke[cm³]: 1.4

Max.Penetration NLGI Classification [-]: 2

Max. ApparentDynamic Viscosity [m Pa.s]: 5000

Specificationfor operation medium: Lubricants up to NLGI 2 / 5000 m Pa.s

Min.Temperatue [°C]: 10

Max.Temperature [°C]: 40

Hand Lever Gun according to DIN 1283 suitable forGrease Cartridge 400 g DIN 1284, or 500 g bulk fill ofGrease.
Cylinder design optimised for trouble-free application ofCartridge.
Conical Grease Filler Cap with Ball Valve / connector F= M10 x 1
Exchangeable Filler Cap allows filling by any type ofGrease Filler Pump, including hand filling.
No reversal of theCylinder Collar Seal for filling required.

Cylinder withPiston Rod.
Rugged design of Cylinder, Container of 1.5 mm sheetwith knurled surface.

Gun Head made of high qualitypressure-cast aluminium.
Connector 1/8" BSP / Wrench size 17,with Check Valve.
High precision fit of Piston to Gun Head ensuresfull prevention of leaks and greasing failures (missedshots).
100"000 pump operating cycles with no pressure drop.
Operating pressure: 400 bar
Maximum pressure: 600 bar
AirBleed Valve / connector E = M8 x 1
Output per stroke: 1.4 cm3

Complete disassembly possible allowing easy Cleaning andMaintenance.
Comprehensive spare parts service.
Warranty 3years
Packing: Rugged Cardboard, no accessories included.

Artikelnummer 337590
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