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Handy Light-Weight Grease Gun for 120 g bulk fill of Grease.Conical Filler Cap with Ball Valve, connector 1/8" BSP.Exchangeable Filler Cap allows filling by any type of Grease Filler Pump, including hand filling.

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Construction Type: 120 cm3/ Chain

Version: 1/8" BSP/Filler-Cap

Weight [kg]: 0.664

Connection Internal ThreadP: 1/8" BSP

Connection Internal ThreadE: 1/8" BSP

Connection Internal ThreadF: 1/8" BSP

Capacity Cylinder [cm³]:120

Cylinder Dia. [mm]: 40

Cylinder Length [mm]: 150

Operating Pressure [bar]:400

Output/Stroke [cm³]:0.5

Max. Penetration NLGIClassification [-]: 2

Max. Apparent DynamicViscosity [m Pa.s]: 5000

Specification foroperation medium: Lubricants up to NLGI 2 / 5000 m Pa.s

Min. Temperatue [°C]: 10

Max. Temperature [°C]: 40

Handy Light-Weight Grease Gun for 120 g bulk fillof Grease.
Conical Filler Cap with Ball Valve, connector 1/8"BSP.
Exchangeable Filler Cap allows filling by any type of GreaseFiller Pump, including hand filling.

Cylinder with PistonChain.
Rugged design of Cylinder, Container of 1.5 mm sheet withknurled surface.
The Cylinder contains a free Piston that releasesthe pressure to the Lubricant if not in use (no air bubbles, nosegregation of Lubricant).

Rigid Angled Feed Tube, length 180mm, connector 1/8" BSP and 4-Piece Hydraulic Connector"EXCELLENT", external diameter 16 mm, length 43 mm.

GunHead made of high quality drop forging aluminium.
Connector 1/8"BSP, with Check Valve.
Integrated Suction Valve allows forcontrolled pressure build-up of 400 bar.
Suitable forHigh-Pressure Lubrication in Industry, Building Construction,Transport and Hobby.
Small Lubricant quantities possible byapplying short gentle hand strokes.
Operating pressure: 400 bar
Output per stroke: 0.5 cm3

Complete disassembly possibleallowing replacement of all parts.
Warranty 3years
Packing: Rugged Cardboard.

Artikelnummer 330957
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